Blackjack Calculator

It is well known that card counting is one of the important features of blackjack; however, with the increasing popularity of this technique and more and more people getting to use the card counting proceeds to make their play, the blackjack calculator has captured a special place for itself in blackjack games.

Typically, a blackjack game is played with up to 8 decks of cards. A blackjack calculator has a choice for you where you have to choose the number of decks you are choosing for your game from the drop down list or you have to enter the number. Then you have to enter a series of details like:

The cards which you have with you.
And you have to enter the value of the face up cards of the dealer and if needed you can guess what the other down card and enter that too.
You will have a column which will as you to test your different strategies by hitting. You will enter the value as to hit until you get a hard or soft hand.
By changing the different values as applicable in the blackjack calculator you will be able to make your next move.

There will also be forms where you enter the details of the cards that you want to take out of the deck and check for the probable outcomes. By doing this you can actually decide on where you are actually trying to get to and you will be able to make your own custom playing tables based on the count you need.

The advantage of a blackjack calculator stays with you being able to run a lot of hands and get instant results. And essentially you will be a able to take a quick split or hit decision.