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Caribbean Poker is a stud poker variant.  The rules are more or less similar to the five stud poker variant. This game is played against the house and not against players. The aim of the game is to make a hand that is better than the dealer.

  • The players at the table make an ante
  • You are dealt with a five-card hand where all cards are face up
  • The dealer gets a five card; however, only one card is face up
  • The player considers the value of the open card of the dealer and guesses whether his hand is better or worse than the dealer is.  If the player thinks, his hand is worse than the player, he has the option to surrender the hand or fold and forfeit the chances for winning.
  • If the player feels he has a better hand, the player makes a bet and hits on the challenge button.
  • Once you have made your bet, the four face down cards of the dealer are opened and the hands are compared.

It is important for the dealer to have an Ace and a king.  If the dealer’s hands do not have either of these, the game is nullified and the player gets 1:1 payout for the bet made.

If the dealer has a qualifying hand, the hands are compared and if the player has a better hand, the payoff is dispensed according to the payout applicable for the hand strength.  Royal flush will get paid better than other hands.  The classical hand ranking system and appropriate payouts dispensed.

The exact payoff given differs between casinos.  In cases where the hand is a tie with the dealer, you get your money back! No extra tips for playing; you have lesser decisions to make just guess versus the one card that is the challenge with this variant.