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Chuck-a-luck Features

Chuck-a-luck Information

Chuck-a-luck is game played with 3 pairs of dice. The game is on luck and the player has less to do in terms of decision-making.  This game is also known as the birdcage game or grand hazard.

The three dice are placed in a cage that resembles an hourglass, the cage is shuffled, and the dice are rolled.  The bets are placed guessing the outcome on the dice. If the player has guessed the outcome right, the payouts are given accordingly as pre-determined in ratios for the wagers made.

The bets made by the players can be one of the following:

  • Of a particular number that will be in one dice, two dice or all the three dice.
  • The player can also bet on the total that will show up from the results on all the three dice.

Six different kinds of bets for the total are made they are:

  • Odd bet – You bet stating the total will be an odd number.
  • Even bet – You bet stating the total will be an even number
  • High bet (total above 10)
  • Low bet (total below 11)
  • Number bet: If you place a bet on one if the numbers from 1 to 6, if the number shows up in one dice you will get 1:1 payoff, same number in 2 dice gives 2:1 payoff, same in 3 dice will give 10: 1 payoff.
  • Field bet: You state that the total will be the specific number you remark when you play the field bet.

Triples refer to numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666.  When you are playing high or low bets you have to make sure even if the total is high or low as you planned, it should not be made with triples.