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Pachinko slots are native to Japan.  To play at the pachinko machines you have to buy metal balls worth equal to the amount of money you want to play.  Pachinko slots are played in Pachinko parlours.  You can also play the game online.

On the Pachinko board, lot of pins arranged in different orders with peg gaps in between to allow the flow of the steel ball through them.  The balls will flow down through the peg gaps and land up in the exit chute.  Some of the balls might land up being caught in special pockets in the screen.

There is a digital slots machine in the center of the screen of the pachinko machine.  Getting three similar symbols in this slot, qualifies the player for a jackpot; as always, jackpots dispensed are rare.

The ball caught in the special pockets activates the spinning of the slots.  Those balls caught in special pockets in the screen are eligible for win, resulting in the player winning more balls.

The players shoots and scatters balls through the machine and not every ball that lands up in the exit chute activates the slots, but those that land in the special pockets activate the slots.  The more balls in the pockets, the more number of spins is activated; and, the equivalent number of wins per the slots results is paid.

Just scatter the balls and wait for the results.  Pachinko slots are a great way to relax.  You can choose to cash out your balls; however, the cash out should be done the same day, because they are not valid the day next.

Pachinko is the pinball game.  The latest version is a mix of the pinball game and the slots game.  The player has no role in controlling how much he will win. He can just determine the speed with which the steel balls scattered in to the machine.  Again, this game is a great gamble absolutely driven by luck.