Punto Banco

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It is really a very interesting and elegant game that is played with 12 to 14 players on board. There are two main bets to place for each of the players who might double up as dealing people or even become the banker or Banco.

The two principal wagers are placed upon the banker or the player or Punto and on the rare occurrence of a tie or standoff that might become a possibility between the two hands.

It is a rare chance but while predicting which of the two hands are nearer to the value totaling nine there always remains a very possible chance of bearing the same value.

Thus after the dealer deals away the cards or even the players take turns in dealing the packs of cards among themselves the betting scene comes to the fore.

It is in the different baccarat variations where the games are made to turn out either faster or in an elaborate fashion keeping the game at the core same.

Thus it is the rules that state that the dealer always places the bet upon Banco and not on Punto.

Players can deal with the chance turning around but the discretion of doing so lies solely upon them.

Unwilling players may buck their chance of becoming the dealer and hence opt to pass on the shoe for a later chance.

The shoe that a dealing player has remains as long as this designated dealer as long as the Bank wins but the hand changes as soon as the player begins to climb up the winning ladder.

Thus as soon as the Punto wins a particular game a new one begins and the shoe passes on to the next player in line.

It is another round of nail biting betting and a fast round of slip slack movements wherein the chips are down for some while it is upwards for a few others.