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Slots Features

Slots Information

Slots rules are very simple.  The pay table for the slots differs between every slots theme and casino.  You need to refer to the pay table to know about the probable payout you can get for different image combination.

The Flow Of The Slots Game

  • Be clear about the number of coins you can play per spin.
  • Put in your money and choose max bet.
  • Click on the spin.
  • Wait for the reel to slow down.
  • The computer automatically releases the earned payout to your machine.
  • You can continue playing the next spin.

Slots Rules Creating Variants

  • Some machines facilitate you to hold the image you prefer and spend the rest of the reels.
  • There are also double spin slots, this allows you to hold the image and work for the payout you might like.
  • Megaspin slots are slot screens where you can play more than one reel at a time!

What differences can your expect?

  • The number of reels can be anywhere from 3 and 5 reels.
  • The number of pay lines you play can be just one or more.  You are paid the payouts applicable for the image combinations, which line up in the payout line.

Why play maximum coins and maximum paylines?

  • Understand the minimum and maximum value per coin bet. Bet the maximum at the slots machine.  By doing this when you win, you will win more.
  • If you play more number of pay lines, the more chances are there for you to make a winning.  The payout line can be horizontal, diagonal or even zigzag.

Interesting Slots Offers

Pay special attention to offers like bonus spins, wild symbol, multiplier slots and more.  Read specific rules while playing such slots.

You will be mostly playing the non-progressive slots.  In cases where you are playing in the jackpot machine when the jackpot is hit – the machine automatically resets and the new round of jackpot is automatically initiated.

Think between progressive and non-progressives, maximum and minimum bets, and play those within your healthy money plans.