Three card poker

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There is little strategy you need to know if you are playing three card poker.   The low house edge makes the game even interesting.  The game is played with only three cards. The inter

Players ante in according to the applicable limits at the casino.

  • The player is dealt with 3 cards
  • The player antes to get three dealt cards
  • Normally these games are available as an “ante and play game” along with “pair plus” bet process.  You can choose to play both or just one of it
  • If the player chooses to play the pair plus version, the player will be placing the bets in the center of the table and the player will win if the player has a hand that has a pair or better otherwise loses
  • If the player choose to play the ante and play, apart from the ante the player can make a bet, if he thinks he has a better than the dealer.
  • The dealer should have a qualifying hand, which is expected to have a queen high combination or more.
  • If the player decides to play versus the dealer, the dealer proves he has a qualifying hand. If the dealers hand does not have a qualifying hand, the player wins automatically.

The normal payoffs are as follows:

  • Straight Flush yields 40:1
  • 3 of a Kind yields 30:1
  • Straight yields 6:1
  • Flush yields 4:1
  • Pair yields 1:1

Some sites also offer bonus payoffs for the winning hands following the ante and bonus payoff chart.  Those players can play on of the offers, it is always best to play the ante and play game with the pair plus bet offer.

This entertaining and highly fast moving game is a must play variant if you have tried it before.