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Gala bingo Review is the online version of the bricks-and-mortar Gala Bingo halls.

The site allows you to play bingo, as well as several other games, including slots, roulette, and lotto, from the comfort of your own home. For those who prefer to visit a bingo hall for their gaming needs, the site also features a club finder to help you locate the nearest Gala Bingo hall.

The site has a blue and yellow design which should make it instantly recognisable to people familiar with the bricks and mortar hall. It is quite attractive, but loaded a little slowly compared to some other bingo sites. Attempting to play using the Opera browser proved a little problematic, although it did work well in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

There are lots of games on the site – not just Bingo, but Blackjack, slots, keno, scratchcard games, and even some TV tie-ins such as games based on the show Deal or No Deal.

One section of the site is devoted to Gala TV, which allows you to use your account to play bingo on your TV by going to Sky Channel 841. The TV based playing service is available between 6PM and 6AM (UK time), although it switches from scheduled programming to an automated selection of games at 2AM.

The range of games is updated regularly – at the time of writing they are running some Valentines Day promotions, including special free club games.

Each bingo ‘club’ has a chat room with extra chat games. The chat rooms are moderated to keep a friendly atmosphere. The site is updated regularly, and player feedback is used to add new features – for example you can choose to daub your own cards, or use their ‘card manager’ to keep track of the numbers for you. Their system makes sure that you don’t miss out on a prize by not noticing a certain number come up, and lets you concentrate on having fun rather than spotting numbers.

If you are a fan of the bricks and mortar Gala Bingo halls then you may find yourself drawn to this site as more of what you know. It certainly has a lot of good points. As a new player getting in to the community may be harder than on some other sites, however. As always, it is worth experimenting with several different bingo sites to find the one that has the atmosphere, community, and games, that suit you best.