How To Play Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a faster game than the Basic Rummy. The rules to play gin rummy are very simple and easy to learn. The objective of the game is to complete a hand containing the most or all of the cards formed into sets and/or runs.

The first player must take just one card either from the discard pile (face up) or the stock (face down) and insert this card to the 10 cards that contain his hand.
You have to study your cards and decide which one is the card you need least. You take this card out of your group and throw it on the discard pile, face up.

The Gin Rummy game concludes as early as anyone has built their cards into sets or runs and lays them all down on the table for his opponent to see. According to the official Gin Rummy rules a player may only knock if they have 10 points or less of deadwood (i.e. unmatched or unmelded cards).

When the player goes out in this manner, it is called Knocking – a habitual symbolic motion to declare victory to an opponent. At present, it is routine to throw the final card face down (instead of face up) to indicate victory. After this, the opponent player has to expose his cards, positioning them into melds (i.e. runs and sets).

Unlike other types of Rummy card games, in Gin Rummy the players only expose their hand at the end of the game. Furthermore, the knocker himself is in no way permitted to lay off cards in this manner.