What Came First? Rummy or Poker ?

The deck of cards has been around since the 7th century, and since then thousands of card games have been invented. Some of the games have disappeared, but a large number of games have become a central part of today’s society. One of the most prominent games comes from 18th century China, the game of Rummy. With time, as with most card games, there have been many different variations of Rummy invented but they are all based on the same basic rules or picking up and discarding the cards in your hand.

The game of Rummy has gone through many changes and has been given different names, from Oklahoma Gin, to Mah-Jong and Kalooki.

It seems as though each community has chosen the style of game that best suits their needs, and today Rummy is considered the most popular card game in the world! The game of Poker, which is derived from rummy showed up not too long after.

There is no exact date, but the earliest reference to the game is from 1829 when the English actor, Joseph Crowell described a card game that he witnessed on a trip to New Orleans.