What is Rummy 500?

Rummy 500 is a variant of rummy which has a major difference with other types. In Rummy 500, you can draw more than one discard. This is why playing Rummy500 is of much fun. The first player achieving 500 points is the winner of Rummy500.

In turns one has to draw cards and discard other cards, doing your best to meld them into sets and runs. Set of cards are three or more cards, with dissimilar suits and the equal value. Runs are three or more successive, all with the same suit. Values of cards in Rummy 500 are: 2 to 9 cards- all 5 points each, Ace, 10 and all Royalty family faces- all 10 points each and Jokers-15 points each.

In Rummy 500 players can pick up in their turn, more than one card from the discard pile. By doing this, they can call “Rummy” in case they identified cards that can form a suitable meld. There are two ways to win the game, one being any of the players got out of the game, or the other being the main pile of cards is over.

Have a look at your opponent’s cards, if they have few cards left only, this is your time to dispose of high value cards. If you will loose with high deadwood cards, you can heart your score. Make sure you do not discard a card that can meld into the cards that were discarded facing you. The melded cards on the table can guide you which cards are in your opponent’s hands. Presume what cards the opponents are waiting for.