What is Rummy?

Let’s start at the beginning- What is Rummy? Rummy is one of the worlds’ most popular games, combining the element of player’s skill with the element of luck.

The game of Rummy was invented over 200 years ago and has since gone through many changes and evolutions. This is the reason that today you can enjoy the wide variety of Rummy games; each is a variation on the traditional Rummy and each game promises a great playing experience.

All the Rummy games have a similar format, based on rounds consisting of 2-4 players with an objective of collecting sets or runs of 3 cards or more. Each turn consist of picking up a card from either the stock pile or the discard pile and discarding one card to end the turn. The first player that is able to meld all of their cards into sets or runs is the winner.

It is safe to assume that you have played at least a game or two of Rummy in your lifetime (if not be sure to visit our beginners page right away!). Our objective is to hone your skills and turn you into one of the best Rummy players out there!