Lottery Statistics

Playing the game of chance, if instant lottery, online lottery or even conventional lottery games is a really fun thing to do.

There is something thrilling about seeing the numbers that we have chosen and visual perception, whether or not they appear as winning numbers; you just can’t beat that meaning of thrill and adrenalin.

The earliest civilizations in the world, involving the ancient Chinese civilizations all comprised a lottery or a corresponding way of using the concept of chance and luck to entertain and regale each other.

Since then, lotteries have been around in many different formats, but all with the same emphasis on chance, luck, extravaganza and pleasure.

However, the famous news is that now you can play instant lottery games online!

Since November 1994, the Lottery was launched in the UK, (now named Lotto) and since then we have all grown very fond of taking a little time out to play the lottery, whether it is in the shape of the traditional lottery, scratch cards or even instant lottery.

In fact, we love it so much, that the lottery changed onto the internet. More and more people were avid on try out new ways to play the lottery, and since we all spend a lot of time on a Personal computer, what best style to do it than to play the lottery online?!

Scratch cards, which are an instant way to play the lottery, were begun in the UK in 1995, but very fast moved online. At Scratch-Game.NET, you totally match up the symbols and get a reward which might be anything up to the £1 million jackpot. The symbols are what make the games so fun and exciting.

If you play online lottery scratch cards, you will also notice that not only do you keep winning, but most importantly, you win different amounts.

The games are instant, so you don’t have to wait nearby to see if you have won; it is much faster to play online than to scratch the real life traditional offline scratch card.