Scratch Cards Strategies

It is very important you be clear-headed when you are scratching cards.  If you play drunk, you loose your level headedness and you will not be able to decide properly. Chances are that you will make bigger purchases than you can afford comfortably with your bankroll and you might lose lot of money.  Never scratch cards when you are drunk because you cannot exercise a sensible strategy.

  • When you are scratching after a loss, there is no point in trying to chase your losses.  You need to just forget your past losses and play the moment.  If you chase your losses, you will probably fail.
  • Make use of the interesting welcomes bonuses offered in scratch card sites.  In many cases, you will get a double offer on your initial deposit when you sign up with a site. Understand the underlying terms for the bonuses and make the best use of the extra money to play scratch cards.  This is a great boost to increase your spending power at the casino.
  • Increasing number of sites are offering jackpot prizes.  Split a part of your bankroll to play these jackpot games.  Play with strategy at frequent intervals; you might sometimes hit the luck of winning the big jackpot.  Do not play all your money in one day, split the time and play accordingly.
  • No matter how good or how wealthy you are, you should know your limits of betting and you should be ready to quit when warranted.
  • When you make some profits, be sure to put some aside and save them for future plays rather than spending all your wins over again at the table.
  • Before you start any new scratching process, practice a bit in the site and estimate the odds, at least you will gain a bit of intuition in to how you will fair in the game.