How To Play Online Strip Blackjack

Online strip blackjack is ideally a blend of strip poker and casino blackjack. The game is pretty much adult based. All of your friends are not going to be interested in playing strip theme based games. So, rather than hunting around for a right friend to play strip blackjack with you can try playing then in the online strip blackjack sites where the pretty dealer will be stripping off if you win. Ideally, there are displays and in some there are live strips. It depends upon the site where you choose to play strip games.

The regular rules for blackjack apply to online strip blackjack also. However, the rules might differ between casinos based on the kind of blackjack variant they have integrated in to their system of strip blackjack.

If you are planning to play online strip blackjack then you got to start with a good site. Notably, strip blackjack is lot easier than strip poker games. There is nothing called exclusive rules for strip blackjack. You have to start up with online strip blackjack after reading through the rules for regular blackjack.

If you got to have the dealer strip then you got to be playing with a hand total that is close to 21 and that should be better than the dealer. The rules for tie will be in accordance to the casino site where you are playing at.

The values for the cards are same regardless of which variant of blackjack you are playing in:

  • (10, J, Q, K) are assigned a value of 10
  • (Ace) is assigned a value of 1 or 11
  • (Other cards from 2 to 9) are assigned face value (7= 7).

Regardless of how much money you invest, if you are not taking some basic care in regulating your blackjack strategies you will not win. Also, remember, regardless of how skilled you are, it is important that you remember that this is based on absolutely chance and skill has very less to help you manipulate the results of the game. So, always be prepared for the loss, and of course lot of fun if you win the game versus the dealer.