How To Play Strip Blackjack

When you begin to play Strip Blackjack Online the blackjack dealer will be stripping off for the winning player. However, you got to be well informed of the rules of the blackjack game before you start with the session for the day.

It is not easy to see the dealer stripped unless you are pretty skilled in what you are going to do in your blackjack decision making.

  • The dealers hand and the players hand will be dealt with two cards face down.
  • The dealers hand will have one face down and face up card.
  • The players hand will have two face down cards.
  • After looking in to the hand totals, the player will decide on hit, stand, split, double, insurance and so on.
  • Aces are valued 1 or 11 based on the risk of the totals reaching 21.
  • If the player requires a hit then another card is dealt.
  • If the hand total after the draw exceeds 21, then the player goes bust and the dealer does not strip.
  • If the hand total after the draw is within 21 or 21 or something better than the dealer, then the dealer strips.
  • In cases where you are playing split hands and if you are going to win both the hands then there are going to be two strips for you in winnings from the dealer or based on the kind of display plans the site where you are playing has in store.

Other than the strip concept the rest of the decision making strategies in strip blackjack are the same. You can ideally make use of the pre-existing blackjack charts in the internet to make the right kind of decisions to make a winning play.

When you are playing strip blackjack you got to be still conscious of the number of decks of cards that are being used in the game for the play and make your decisions accordingly. You can also use blackjack software to make your decisions for strip blackjack games to come out as a winning player.