How To Play Video Strip Poker

Video strip poker is already a widely preferred party game. This is an adult-themed game and it can be risky if you choose to play these games with people who are not interested in the strip theme. A wiser say would be to play these games with like-minded friends and this is essentially the game meant for couples. 

The theme of the video strip poker games is to have the loser strip off the article of clothing per gaming rules. Several of the video strip poker games are based on the five card draw games.

In most cases, you will be playing with just a limited supply of chips and you will be going busted and will have to strip if you do not have any more chips to bet in. In some games you will be permitted to re-buy your clothing with a said number of chips; however, the rules will vary between sites.

Video strip poker is derived from the famous American Strip Poker television show. The game is now not being played; however, it used to be a contest between two men and two women. Each of the teams will be asking the opponent team some questions and if the team is going to provide with the correct answer the questioning team was supposed to strip off an article of clothing and if it was the reverse the team who answered wrongly will strip.

Video strip poker games can be played against the server or it can also be played via the web camera where real models will be stripping over the camera. In some of the video strip poker games, there are going to be sequences of slide shows that will be pre-photographed, digitalized and programmed per the rules of the video strip poker game.

Several of the gaming companies are issuing strip Sic Bo, strip Mahjong and many more after the popularity and traffic that video strip poker has managed to attract. The rules for the video strip poker game will differ between sites. Some of the sites will count even articles of clothing like gloves and socks as a part of the game, which some of them might not count such.

You got to read through the rules in the site you are playing at and then you got to make your play. The rules for dealing and replacement of the cards are like the regular draw game variants being played, just pay attention to the rules and the rest will be history.