Strip Blackjack in Las Vegas

There are several locations in Las Vegas where you can play strip blackjack. Some places are played for high stakes and there are also places where you can play the same for low stakes.

Most of the Strip Blackjack in Las Vegas is played with a total of 4 decks of cards. The rest of the rules like the dealer should stand on soft 17, doubling down after the initial two cards, splitting being limited to just 3 hands and not more is all going to be the same rule in most casinos.

The rules for Strip Blackjack in Las Vegas will have the regular rules for the game combined with the stripping concept. The person who will lose in the game will have to strip. Indeed, most of the strip games tend to be better and favorable in the midnight hours.

Blackjack game is available in almost all casinos in the Las Vegas Strip. There are several rule variations used in the game in the different strips in Las Vegas for Blackjack. There are some casinos in Las Vegas where you can play strip blackjack in the allotted swimming pools in the casino. Well, if you are going bust and you loose, some of the strip games might require you to swim in the cold water in the swimming pool. Imagine a strip and swim in the midnight hour.

The best strip blackjack experience in Las Vegas cannot be attributed to the same casino for everyone. The most influential gaming experience in strip blackjack for every person might be from the different clubs. So, it is up to the individual experiences of each player that might have them develop an impression about the right strip in the Las Vegas.

The minimum bet can be as low as $1 and the maximum as high as $200 in most of the strip blackjack games in Las Vegas. Regardless whether you are playing the strip blackjack or the regular blackjack you will do best with a basic strategy that you personally understand better on where you apply and when it will best work in your favor.

Getting stripped in a few games is okay, because it is gambling and there is no permanent winner; however, make sure that you don’t get stripped often. Getting stripped is also going to be associated with a loss of money! So, beware. Take that little risk, but don’t get under a series of bad strips either.