Strip Blackjack Tips

There are several blackjack tips available around in the internet and the same definitely does go for strip blackjack games also. When you lose in strip blackjack you also loose your money. Missing the dealer strip is not a big deal; however, missing your money does matter in the long run.

  • Like in regular blackjack it is not sensible to split the cards that are valued 10.
  • If you are going to have Aces or 8 pair, it is better to split always irrespective of what the dealer is showing up.
  • If you are playing with a hard 13 through a hard 16, it is ideal that you fold. In cases where the card of the dealer is going to show up 6 or something less, then you got to be standing by all means.
  • When you are holding a hard 13 through 16, if the dealer is going to hold that is 7 through Ace you can hit.

Ideally you can see the dealer strip only if you win. So, it is important that you are going to play in a winning way. You can follow blackjack charts, blackjack software and lot more to be a winning player.

When you are trying out new betting systems to play more in blackjack you can try playing in these games and you can thereby avoid boredom. It should be noted that blackjack games are being played with as high as 255 decks and you got to vary your strategy according to the

When you are playing strip blackjack with your friends then if you are going to loose you got to strip off. So, be sure that you are dressing up with as many garments for the day. If you are bored by a routine kind of blackjack gaming you can pretty well try playing strip blackjack; however, make sure that you are playing these games with like minded friends. This game might not be ideal as a game that you can play with your family members, perhaps your spouse might be okay, but not with other relatives unless they are like minded.