Strip Poker history & Rules

While you are passing through the streets of Las Vegas you are likely to hear the excited screams of players around there in the casino. The excitement and high tone comments can be from those guys who have gone broke in their luck and you are sure to heart the hustle while you pass through a few cheap casino clubs where college kids might trip in with the income from their part-time jobs.

Well, those folks are not bothered about the loss for they are participating in a few of the X-rated gambling games, which are known as the strip poker games. Ideally, they are okay to go through that bit of loss to have the excitement from the strip.

After an in-depth research about the beginning of strip poker it has been concluded that strip poker has been around right from around the time of original poker in Circa ever since 1803.

During that period the important requirements for a strip poker game that were essentially gambling, binging on alcohol and womanizing were the top happenings. These were pretty famed and popular in the Louisiana based brothels. The concept spread pretty rapidly to neighboring locations and the idea of strip poker is now see nationwide and even to several parts of the globe.

Several Age Groups Are Interested

The erotic game tends to be most popular in the age groups of 18 through 30. After the coming of the strip poker games to online casinos, we cannot be sure if the game is confined only to this age group. There is a possible risk for these games to have probed through the interests of other age groups after its coming in the online casinos. It should be noted that normal poker rooms might not provide with strip poker games all the time. Strip poker games are offered by sites exclusively meant for strip poker games.

Several college kids are interested in throwing up a private strip poker event in their dorm along with their friends. There are several couples who organize these games at home for the fun of it.

Several strip poker software games have made the game popular by having the player to compete with the model on the other side in an attempt to strip them off by winning the poker games.

There are several of them who were not able to organize the games and for them it was a pleasant event in 2004 where a comedic group brought together the first kind of strip poker games that were filmed. The National Lampoons organized the event. About 16 super models participated in the event. They played Texas Holdem games before a huge crowd and camera men. Taylor Kennedy, a Veteran play boy model stripped 5 of the models. The event as hosted by Carmen Electra is being sold in DVD until date.

How To Organize The Event

Once you are assured that a group of like minded friends are interested in playing the game then you can decide on organizing the event on a decided night with some drinks of course for fun. You got to know that it is important to not have your friends drive back home being drunk, that can mean hiring trouble.

When it comes to the rules, all of them are to be trained on the applicable rules in poker. If one of them is not sure of the rules then you need to know that this can lead to probable clashes. So, before you organize the event make sure that you clarify all the concerns about the applicable rules for the game. When one of them is not sure of the rules they are going to mess up right at the moment when the game is reaching a hot and interesting stage.

In almost all kinds of strip poker games, the player who loses will be stripping of articles of clothing. There are different variations in the rules. In some kind of strip poker game variant where the player might have to go for swimming after stripping off.

It is important to decide on the extent of strip and the duration of time for which the event will have to be hosted. You have to decide the comfort level of your friends and fix on the rules and time accordingly.

There are different types of strip poker games namely the fast strip game, the medium strip poker and the slow strip poker. In a fast strip poker game, almost all the hands are to go to the showdown and all the players other than the winner of the game are going to strip off. This is the ideal method of gaming for those who are not having a lot of time for the event.

In a medium strip poker game, there is a strip in each round where the player with the worse hand combination will be stripping in each round.

In a slow strip poker game, all the players are given with a certain amount of chips and every player who goes out of chips will be stripping off with the loss. This kind of gaming is ideal when you have lot of time ahead to play with no work for the next day. You can play this game for a lot of time.

Warning: A little fun is okay for all the time. However, when you are going to try strip poker while you are drunk there are possibilities for several things to happen, and it is very important that you play these games with like minded friends and not with those who are not interested in the strip concept. Whether you experience a wholesome fun with strip poker or otherwise is based on how good spirited and practical you are with organizing the game.

Private strip poker games might not be a problem for as long as the game is organized with the consent of all; however, this differs in different countries and the applicable legalities of a particular country. You got to verify your local laws and decide for yourself about the appropriateness of the event.