Strip Poker Stories

There is lot of strip poker stories happening around from the time the cards are dealt to the time the clothes start disappearing. These stories are mainly different experiences of players who are playing strip poker games. This is one of the interesting methods of playing poker with like minded friends or peers.

There are a number of strip poker stories opening up which can be anything ranging from those related to fast strip poker, medium strip poker and even slow strip poker, whichever kind of poker it be, there are going to be in depth stories from past happenings.

Most of the funny strip poker stories are related to having players go for swimming in ice cold water and some of the strip poker stories are related to where the person who gets stripped will have to be out in the balcony for 10 minutes where the climate will be much less than 3 degrees centigrade. There are some players who agree to these conditions and eventually, they start feeling like crazy when they realize what the game is actually about and eventually, they will pay a few dollars than to get stripped and stand out in the cold. They yell at the rules of the game, throw the cards and all the other friends laugh at the poor guy and lot more.

One of the decent parts in strip poker stories is that some people do not organize these games without opt out option. Whenever, the player feels uncomfortable at the game, they are provided with the option to be out of the game and they are not forced to strip. The game becomes uninteresting and insulting when you have to strip when you really feel ashamed doing it. So, see to the wishes and preferences of players involved in the game.