Martingale strategy – En Prison Rule in Roulette- Fix Your Limits

Martingale strategy

Roulette is the most loved and popular game in a Casino. Expert casino players claim that there are more strategies to use to hit roulette than any other game, since every spin of the roulette wheel, there is a probability to win. There are some fundamental methods to create your own strategy. After knowing the basics of the roulette, you can formulate your own winning strategies. The following are some of the commonly used strategies:

  1. By no means, you bet more than what you could win. This is the fundamental strategy for winning roulette game. Calculate carefully to make sure that you get back at least equal to the amount you bet, if you win.
  2. Fix your betting limitation before starting to play and never cross the limit. This will make you interested to play the game again. If you don’t set your limit, you end up with huge loss one day or the other.
  3. The most familiar strategy which is explained in every roulette article is the Martingale strategy. This strategy is formulated to bet continuously on one of the specific choices, for e.g., red or black/ odds or evens. Also, you double your bet every time you lose, in the expectation of multiplying your profit at one time more than what you lose. This is the most risky and unreliable.
  4. Next one is ‘en prison rule’. You bet your money on odd or even equally, and if the ball rests at zero, you don’t lose. The bet will be carried over for the next round. In case you win, you can pull out your bet from the table. This cuts the house edge from 2.7% to 1.35% in European Roulette. In American Roulette, the extra zero produces a house edge of 5.4%.
  5. Finally, fix your profit target. Whenever you reach the target, you make up your mind to walk away with the profit on hand. You can not always on the winning track all the day or night.